Conveying pumps

Conveying pumps

are suitable for the application of all pumpable lime- and cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars, wet materials, pasty materials and liquid media. In combination with an air compressor and a spray gun, they can also be used for the application of plasters and paints.


The PFT SWING M have an electrical infinitely adjustable 1.5 kW direct drive. You can pump, press and spray liquid, pumpable and solvent-free materials (in buckets) up to a grain size of 3 mm.


For all materials like:

  • Lime-cement render < 3 mm
  • Adhesive and reinforcement mortar
  • Fine filler
  • Finishing coat
  • Dispersion paint
  • Primer Betokontakt

and much more besides


  • Useful support: JetRoller airless (Part no. 00 54 64 93)                                      - Material is automatically fed into the paint roller                                                - No bucket carrying                                                                                            - No annoying immerse                                                                                       - Better surface quality 


  • Bag squeezer - for mounting on the material hopper
  • Pump performance continously adjustable via potentiometer
  • Plastic material hopper – easy cleaning
  • Cleaning port in the material hopper
  • Variable conveying output through pump change (B or C pump)
  • Small, light, handy and compact
  • Powerful and reliable operation via standard power socket
  • Fast cleaning and maintenance
  • Transport is possible in any estate car
  • Fits easily under each mixer
  • Optional: electrical remote control

Tech. data

Part no. Description Details


Part no. Description Picture
00159324 Pump unit C 4-2 Picture
00159064 Pump unit SWING M B 4–2 cpl. Picture
00067062 Spraying set for BETOKONTAKT consisting of:
- Spraying gun BETOKONTAKT with spraying cap M 20
- PVC hose NW 9 x 3 mm, length: 15 m with EWO-coupling
- 2 Sponge balls Ø 17 mm for 10 mm hose
- Material hose 1/2", length: 15 m with 2 high-pressure suction couplings
- Cleaner coupling 25 female part, ID24 with Geka high-pressure suction coupling
20456929 Remote control cable 25 m with on-/off-switch and control lamp 42 V Picture
00159303 Adapter coupling 25 female/13 female Picture
00233174 Air compressor LK 402 IV, 230 V Picture
Accessories / Equipment recommended for:
Dispersion paints
pasty materials, finishing costs, silicate plasters, liquid wall paper, sealing slurries up to 2 mm grain size
Bitumen coating
concrete repair mortar
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