PFT information on data privacy

Hints concerning data privacy
For Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG the protection of personal data has the highest priority. Therefore, we would like to point out on this page how we protect your privacy if you provide us your personal data. Aside from the general, self-evident observation of the legal regulations concerning data privacy we would like to commit ourselves to the responsible handling of your data with these hints, thus, your privacy will be protected at any time. It is important for us that while searching on our homepage you feel comfortable and protected.

Why does Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. use data?
Why does Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. use data? Our intention is to continuously improve our offer and provide you an attractive up-to-date website. We can only optimize the contents of our PFT homepage according to your requirements if we know which pages of our website are mainly and long-lasting visited. Personal data is used by Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG for the following purposes: technical administration of the website, customer relationship management, product surveys and for marketing purposes but just in the respective required extend. The better we understand your wishes, the faster you can find the requested information on our homepage.

General information
If you enter the websites of Knauf PFT, general information will automatically be saved. This information contains e. g. the kind of the browser, the operating system used the name of your Internet service provider and similar information. The before mentioned data provides only information that do not allow any conclusions on your person. Besides that, this data is always generated for each of your Internet searches. It is no special function of the PFT homepage. This kind of data is exclusively generated and statistically used by us in anonymous way.

Your right to revocation at any time:
At all times, you shall have the right to revoke any permission to use your personal data. Any data submitted under “POWER USER” may be viewed, edited and deleted any time under the menu item "POWER USER", subitem "My Data".

Personal data
Personal data If you are requested to enter personal data such as name, address, phone no., this data is subject to the special conditions to which you are adverted by the following text: I agree that my personal data (including phone no. and/or e-mail address) is saved, processed and used for the purpose of contracts, retrieval of interests, surveys and information. I can revoke this agreement with Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG, 97346 Iphofen, at any time. We use the data exclusively for the above mentioned purposes. The transmission of your data to third parties is excluded. Providers that act in charge of Knauf PFT as well as Knauf PFT business partners and Knauf PFT specialised partners of the Knauf group are an exception. Aside from the data provided by you for our disposal, we use the information according to the manner as you use our services. This enables us to lead you as fast as possible to the information requested that can be of interest for you and to continuously optimise our service offer.

We would like to use your data to be able to inform you on our products and services and to interview you if necessary. The participation in such activities is, of course, voluntary. If you do not agree with it, please let us know via mail at any time enabling us to suspend your data. For further information please look on the respective local website.

Right of access to personal data
On demand we are willing to inform you, if possible by return, on the respective valid rights in writing if and which personal data of you is saved. We are anxious to have all data correct and up-to-data. Should there be any mistake, we will, of course, change this data according to your request.

Use of cookies
Cookies are data files containing information in order to identify regular visitor but exclusively for the duration of the visit on our homepage. Cookies are saved on your hard disc and do not cause any damage there. The cookies on our homepage do not contain any of your personal data. Thanks to the cookies it is not necessary to enter data multiple, they facilitate the transmission of specific contents and help us to identify very popular blocks of our online services. This enables us to adjust our homepage according to your requirements. If requested, you can deactivate the utilization of cookies via the settings of your browser at any time. Please use the helping advices of your browser to learn how to change the settings.

Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG uses technical and organizational protection measures to protect your provided personal data from deliberate manipulation, less, damage or unauthorized access by third parties. Our protective measures are continuously up-dated, improved and adjusted according to the latest technical standard.

Latest issue: November 2009