PFT Accessories guide

Self levelling floor screed

Self levelling floor screed


Grain size max. mm Conveying output* l/min (at approx. 400 rpm) Conveying distance* max. in m, 25er hose Conveying distance* max. in m, 35er hose Working pressure max. bar Rotor / Stator  

* Indicative depending on quality, mortar mortar composition, mortar consistency, pumps execution, pumps condition, transport tube diameter and transport height. Authoritative are ultimately the specific directives of the Material producer.

Part no. Description  
20230100 Leveling pin Picture
20113510 Rotor D 7-2.5 with tang Picture
00597444 Stator D 7-2,5 clampable Picture
20115551 Stator D 7-2.5 maintenance-free, purple Picture
20118780 Tie rods (1 set = 2 pieces) Picture
20103510 Mixing shaft G 4 / G 5 hard-faced Picture
00102228 Mortar pressure gauge 35 mm Picture
00493686 Water pressure booster pump PFT AV 3000, 50 Hz Picture
20118400 ROTOQUIRL cpl. with couplings Picture
20456916 Remote control cable 50 m on cable drum Picture
20118000 ROTOMIX for D-pumps cpl. with coupling 35 female and coupling reduction 35/25 male ID 24 Picture
00021119 RONDO 35 mm, 13.3 m, cpl. with hydraulically fitted couplings Picture
00021123 RONDO pouring hose 35 mm, 13.3 m, cpl. with male part coupling Picture
20456915 Remote control cable, 25 m on cable drum Picture
20230000 Tripod for floor screed Picture
20117000 Clamp D-pumps Picture

• Standard equipment
• Standard equipment depending on type of PFT G 4/G 5
• No standard equipment