Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Various field-tested and useful special tools and accessories are part of the PFT range of products.


The PFT ZARGOMAT pro is a professional one-handed spraying device. One hand is free and you can work correctly. Due to the optimized material consumption and better positioning of the insulating board, you work faster and more economically. Working in a system with a PFT machine, the machine will be switched on / off via a contact switch by using the handle of the machine. At the same time, the piston valve on the spraying gun will be opened / closed. Therefore, there is no material expanding further from the glueing pistol and this way, a clean working method without material losses can be guaranteed.


  • Filling edges with a suitable type of grout
  • Application of gluing mortar on boards for thermal insulation composite systems
  • Renovation of quarry stone brickwork by grouting exposed joints
  • Pressure grouting of brickwork in connection with commercially available packers
  • Grouting of pavements and joints in connection with a tube lance
  • Injection of filling mortar


  • One-hand operation: free working
  • Greatest possible flexibility: mounted rotating coupling with following flexible whip hose
  • Easy dismantling and cleaning, even without tools
  • Suitable for the PFT system
  • Great time savings compared to manual work
  • Very handy and light device
  • Easy retrofitting possible for a variety of applications by connecting it with a Geka coupling
  • Long service life: stainless steel components and hard coated aluminium


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Recommended accessories
Part no. Description Picture

Part no. Description Picture
20456931 Extension cable 25 m for remote control with plug and coupling Picture 00088049 Extension cable 16 m for remote switch Picture 20456934 Extension cable 50 m for remote control with plug and coupling Picture 00019787 Spraying cap for glueing pistol (decorative plasters) nozzle Ø 10 mm Picture