Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Various field-tested and useful special tools and accessories are part of the PFT range of products.

The allround spraying and glueing set: one case, three spraying caps, many possibilities

Animation: Application video PFT JETSET pro

Brochure: PFT JETSET pro - The allround spraying and glueing set


Simple operation: Just open the lever, and the mortar flows; shut the lever, and the mortar flow stops, the machine switches off.

The PFT JETSET pro with electrical switch off consists of a plug valve, a proximity switch with a 4-pin harting plug and a mortar hose coupling (ID24). Depending on the field of application different nozzles can easily be connected to the spraying gun.


Using the three spraying caps, the PFT JETSET pro is a reliable assistant on site.

  • Spraying cap for fine plasters for plastering
  • Spraying cap for decorative plastersfor reinforcing and spraying finishing coats
  • Spraying cap for glueing pistol for applying adhesive on insulating boards and for grouting of frames and openings


The case PFT JETSET pro for jointing, grouting, plastering and bonding. That way you are going to work more efficiently and more safely than ever before!

  • Highest degree of security and simplest handling thanks to automatic switch-off device: the machine stops immediately – nearly no pressure on the line
  • The plug valve can be cleaned easily as there are no material residues
  • Faulty operation is not possible
  • Prevents material from pouring out: clean work, without any loss of material
  • Fast conversion without tools due to union nut with knurling


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