Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Various field-tested and useful special tools and accessories are part of the PFT range of products.

The clever tipping trolley for easy application of floor levelling compounds

Brochure: PFT TROLLEY - tipping trolley


The perfect supplement to continuous mixer PFT LOTUS XS. The PFT TROLLEY brings the mixed material easy and comfortable to the processing site.


  • Floor levelling compounds
  • Levelling compounds


  • Compact - removeable tilt steer grip
  • Purposeful spread out and grouting of the material
  • Transport is possible in any estate car
  • PFT praktive TIP:
    LOTUS XS with floor filling mixing shaft and TROLLEY
    - Fast
    - Consistent mixing quality
    - Effortlees
    - Reduce dust formation
  • Swivel device with long grip
  • Mixing with hand mixer
  • Easy manoeuvre with douple-stop teering roller
  • No manual transport of buckets

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