Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Equipment / Tools / Accessories

Various field-tested and useful special tools and accessories are part of the PFT range of products.

Clean tools and clean work environment – for carefully work

Brochure: PFT Cleaning set


Cleaning plastering tools easily and environmentally friendly directly at the construction sites. Smooth disposal of residual material, based on the separation of material and water in the drainage bucket.


  • Job sites in an urban environment


  • Robust multi-functional sprayer:
    - Adjustable one-hand operation
    - Geka-coupling or plug coupling
    - 7 types of water jet
    - Ergonomically designed with soft plastic elements
  • Separation of material residues by drainage bucket with holes on the sides
  • Lashing strap for securing and fixing the mortar hose during emptying
  • Fits almost on every mortar bucket by a practical hook system
  • Reduces the pollution at the job sites


Part no. Description Picture

Part no. Description Picture