Conveying pumps

Conveying pumps

are suitable for the application of all pumpable lime- and cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars, wet materials, pasty materials and liquid media. In combination with an air compressor and a spray gun, they can also be used for the application of plasters and paints.


Brochure: Conveying pump PFT ZP 3 XXL FC-400V


The PFT ZP 3 XXL is the machine of choice if very high conveying capacities are required. The intermediate mortar pump PFT ZP 3 XXL pumps plasters, masonry mortars or floor screeds mixed by a screw, batch mixer or mobile mixer directly to the point of application.

The conveying capacity can be infinitely adjusted to the material requirements.

Thanks to a remote control the PFT ZP 3 XXL can be switched on-off and alternatively the conveying capacity is adjustable. The running mixer, adjusted due to a level sensor, conducts the filling of the material hopper.


For all materials like:

  • Masonry mortars / light masonry mortars
  • Floor screeds (from truck mixer)
  • Self-levelling compounds
  • Spraying concretes

... and much more



  • high conveying capacity and distance
  • infinitely adjustable conveying capacity
  • integrated control unit
  • remote control possible
  • can be filled from mobile mixers
  • oil sealing unit between geared box and material hopper
  • low filling height
  • robust design
  • minimum effort for maintenance and cleaning
  • fast disassembly of the pump
  • equipped with: cleaning support and crane loops

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