Horizontal continuous mixery

Horizontal continuous mixers

continuously and fully automatically mix cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars (e.g. masonry mortars, jointing mortars, levelling compounds, bonding / reinforcing mortars, etc.) into ready-to-use materials. Depending on the model design, these machines can be used either with bagged material only or with bagged and optionally silo material, or only with silo material.


The PFT HM 2006 is a compact, high-performance mixer for bagged material. In an instant it is ready for use, reliable, efficient, and easy to operate.



The PFT HM 2006 continuously and fully automatically mixes all lime/cement-based, ready-mixed dry mortars, such as:

  • Bonding and reinforcing mortars
  • Masonry mortars
  • Jointing mortars
  • Plastering mortars
  • Screed mortars
  • Levelling compounds



  • Detachable pedestal
  • Machine can also be mounted under a silo using a delivery hood
  • Due to the removable rubber mixing tube, there is hardly any material adherence, almost self-cleaning
  • Separate control unit
  • Especially suitable for the application of bonding mortar
  • Can be combined with the PFT range of machines
  • GS-marked and safety tested by Bauberufsgenossenschaft BBG (Accident Prevention and Insurance Association for the building sector)
  • In accordance with CE-Directives
  • Light, portable modules; the central body only weighs 23.5 kg

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