Mixing pumps

continuously and full automatically mix and pump all ready-mixed dry mortars suitable for machine use and on gypsum, lime and cement base with water into ready-to-use mortars.

Two running directions, two driving speeds – many applications: Mixing, pumping, spraying, all of this is done with the small mixing pump of PFT.

Animation: Application video PFT BOLERO

Brochure: Mixing pump PFT BOLERO FC-230V


The handy PFT BOLERO is a combination of mixing, pumping and spraying machine. If material, which is roughed up intensely, shall be processed, the new PFT BOLERO is the perfect machine.

In clockwise mode of the mixing shaft the material is mixed continuously. In anticlockwise mode the pumping machine is connected and pumps the ready-mixed material to the place of use. 


Also available in 230 V – further information about the version in 230V is available on request. 


Many materials which need to be roughed up intensely or rather need a source time such as

  • Reinforcement, adhesive mortars
  • Fire protection mortars
  • Mortar of various components
  • Betonite
  • Structure and acoustic plaster
  • Leveling compound and interior primer


Advantages at a glance

  • Cost-effective, versatile solution for small construction sites
  • Combination of mixing, pumping and spraying pump with clockwise and anti-clockwise operation
  • Stipulated mixing and mortar source times can be precisely adhered.
  • Mixing errors are virtually eliminated
  • For spraying with air assistance you may use a PFT compressor
  • Light-weight, easy to transport
  • Two revs
  • Mortar pressure gauge integrated
  • Big wheels matched to specific site conditions
  • Safety switch

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