Mixing pumps

continuously and full automatically mix and pump all ready-mixed dry mortars suitable for machine use and on gypsum, lime and cement base with water into ready-to-use mortars.

Innovative technique by PFT – The small and compact one-man mixing pump with 110 V drive for EWI requirements.


The new PFT RITMO EWI 110 V for all your EWI requirements, adhesives, meshing coats and top coats, as well as render / plaster systems including Monocouche, projection plasters, internal base.

Enhancing your funding project capabilities, whilst maintaining Green’ applications with less waste and visits to your job site.

Choose the PFT RITMO EWI. The machine is delivered including complete equipment for mortar application, consisting of hoses, spraying gun and air compressor. Just mount it and there you go!


For all materials, such as:

  • EWI
  • Monocouche
  • Projection plasters
  • Internal base coat
  • Interior plastering
  • Finishing coat
  • Knifing filler
  • Levelling compounds
  • Liquid filling compound
  • Grouting mortar for door frames
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Dispersion paints
  • Restoration mortar


  • Completly equipped machine for mortar applications/EWI
  • Can be filled with buckets or bags, can be used as a mixing pump or a pump
  • Easy to handle at activation, conversion, service and cleaning
  • Flexible mixing intensity through two water inlets – processing of a number of different materials
  • Infinitely variable drive – exact setting of conveying and mixing performance
  • Small, light, handy, compact and rollable
  • Can be disassembled into its three modules

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