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Aside from the well-known plastering machines and the proven mixing pumps, PFT also supplies solutions for dry wall construction. The board cutting table PFT BOARDMASTER is the revolution in dry wall construction.

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The cutting table PFT BOARDMASTER for cutting, milling and drilling. With the milling aggregates moldings and folding elements can be created in nearly every form.

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Be it walls and ceilings, pipeline or fire protection panels, columns or strip cuts or other cut-outs, PFT BOARDMASTER is exceptionally versatile and offers a lot of advantages. See for yourself and profit from a time saving of up to 70%.

Start with the high-quality and efficient drywall construction and extend your production capacity with PFT BOARDMASTER.

PFT BOARDMASTER - the form and cutting table for the processing of plasterboard plates and similar materials for plate sizes of up to 6000 x 1260 x 48 mm has been specially developed for façade and interior work. It has versatile applications and is optimally suitable for quick, clean and cost-saving processing of the most varied materials - especially in the drywall construction:

  • Plasterboard plates
  • Gypsum fibre plates
  • Fire protection plates
  • MDF plates
  • Excelsior lightweight plates
  • Plastic plates
  • Wooden plates
  • Aluminium di-bond plates
  • Aluminium co-bond plates
  • and many more


A wide selection of accessories and additions is available for PFT BOARDMASTER.



The PFT BOARDMASTER is fast and flexible in use.

Here you can find a VIDEO to PFT BOARDMASTER

Fields of application:

  • Exakt cuts of numerous materials
  • Auditing system
  • Window frames
  • Stuccowork, columns
  • Fire protection and various panels


Advantages at a glance:

  • Quick, time and cost-saving
  • Clean and dust-free processing
  • Enormous material saving due to exceptionally precise processing


  • Precision unit with a quick-changing system
  • Precise guide carriages with a precision guide Guide system, rear Recirculating ball bearing guides – round shaft Guide system, front Recirculating ball bearing guides, prism-type linear guides on high-precision ground surface
  • Dust-free – integrated suction
  • PFTstrong – patented system for edges with high mechanical stress bearing capacity
  • Direct measuring system, electronic display Y-axis and X-axis; electromagnetic locking as per the head pressure
  • Copying by using different templates
  • Large working surface up to 2,750 x 1,260 mm; almost all commercially plates are workable
  • Quick – easy machine operation
  • Pneumatic lifting system of the unit for the Z-axis

Tech. data

Part no. Description Details


Part no. Description Picture
Accessories / Equipment recommended for:
Processing unit ─ milling
Processing unit ─ sawing Strip cuts (up to 3 x 15 mm or total 48 mm)
Tools: Format milling cutter
Tools: V-groove milling cutter
Tools: Pattern milling cutter
Tools: Inspection milling cutter and groove milling
Tools: Sawing
PFTstrong: The powerful edge in the drywall construction
PFTfix: The glueing system
Soffit work: moulded parts
Surrounding organisation and tools
Suction system
Consumable materials