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Michael Duelli
Technical support and documentation
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Benedikt Schneider
Marketing Department / Product Manager
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On this website there are links to other internet sites. The following applies to all these links: We would like to particularly emphasize that we do not have any influence on the designs and contents of linked pages. Therefore we, as the operator of this web site, hereby expressly distance ourselves from all contents of all linked pages and do not adopt these contents. This applies to all links on the entire PFT web site.

In no case does the web site owner accept any liability to you or third parties for any direct, indirect, special, or other consequential damages arising from the use of this web site or any linked web site. Furthermore, any liability for lost profits, business interruption, and the loss of programs or other data on your information systems, is ruled out. This applies even if the possibility of such damage has expressly been pointed out to us.


All rights and technical changes reserved. We only guarantee that our machines are free of any defects in appearance and workmanship. Figures given in relation to output, equipment and performance are based on experience and can vary in case of different circumstances. Furthermore, the instructions of the material/mortar manufacturers must be observed. Any data must not be copied, reproduced or used for any other purpose in whole or in part without the prior permission of Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG.

Data protection

Information on data protection:
At Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG, security and data protection for our users and customers is a top priority. Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG is committed to meeting legal provisions concerning data protection, in particular the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telecommunications Data Protection Act (TDDSG).

Personal data:
When you visit our website, the only information which is recorded is the name of your internet service provider and the web pages on our site that you call up. We use this information for statistical purposes exclusively (e.g. the number of times each web page is called up). Your anonymity is maintained.

User's Declaration of Consent:
When you use our website (by means of a user/customer login), you grant permission to store any voluntarily transmitted personal data and to process and use this information in accordance with the statements above.

Your right to revocation at any time:
At all times, you shall have the right to revoke any permission to use your personal data. Any data submitted under “POWER USER” may be viewed, edited and deleted any time under the menu item "POWER USER", subitem "My Data".

“Cookies” are small packs of data that your web browser saves on your computer. Cookies may be used to save information regarding your visit to our website. Cookies are not necessary for using most areas of Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG. Cookies are only required for active participation in certain offers. You may define the use of cookies via your browser.

Data backup:
We provide state-of-the-art and continuously maintained technical safety precautions for data processing systems. Notwithstanding we would like to point out that the full data protection for the transmission of data via the internet can not be guaranteed with the existing, state-of-the-art technology. Under certain circumstances, other internet users might be technically capable of obtaining unauthorised access to network security and control of message traffic.

All figures regarding weights are approximate and therefore without obligation.

Illustrations and Drawings:
Illustrations are not binding for the finished goods delivered. The seller expressly reserves copyright on all graphic documents.

Public directory of procedures / Access right:
The public directory of procedures displayed on our website (pursuant to § 4e of the Federal Data Protection Act) provides a general overview of the groups of persons and the purpose for which our company collects, processes or uses data, and to whom such data is provided. On request we would gladly inform you in writing as to whether and which of your personal data we have saved. If feasible, you will have the opportunity to update or correct any stored personal data.

Links to other providers:
Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG holds no liability for contents of other providers which may be accessed through hyperlinks on their websites.
A number of links on our website refer to contents that are not stored on our own servers. External contents of links were checked for illegality and culpability at the time they were set. It can nevertheless not be ruled out that contents have been changed by providers at a later point. Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG is not required to conduct continual checks of this information and therefore refuses to accept any liability.

Changes to our information on data protection:
Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG reserves the right to change this information on data protection at any time, in compliance with the valid provisions on data protection.

Last update: November 2007

General PFT information


All data given concerning weight are approximate data, without obligation.

Illustration and drawing:

All illustrations are without obligation for the version of the goods delivered. The seller explicitly reserves the copyright for all technical data/drawings.

Public index of procedures / right of access:

By the public index of procedures shown on our web site (according to § 4e Federal Data Protection Law) you get a general overview for what group of people and for which purposes our company collects, processes or uses data and to whom the data is provided. On demand we are prepared to inform you in writing if and which personal data from you is saved. As far as possible, we offer you the possibility to up-date or revise your personal data saved.

Links to further providers:

Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG is not responsible for the contents of other providers that can be reached via hyperlink through its homepage.

Many links of our homepage link to contents which are not saved on own application servers. When setting up, external links have been checked with regards to illegality and criminal liability. Nevertheless, the contents can be changed by the provider afterwards. Knauf PFT GmbH is not bound to constantly check those and, hence, disclaims any liability.

Change in data privacy protection:

Knauf PFT GmbH Co. KG reserves the right to adjust this data privacy protection at any time in accordance with the valid data privacy regulations.

Latest issue: November 2007