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Component manufacture

With our advanced production technology, we can manufacture your desired products according to your specifications....


PFT - this acronym stands for a dynamic, technology-oriented KNAUF partner company with a world-wide reputation.

Thanks to advanced technology, broadly based know-how and high flexibility, we canguarantee your optimal quality of manufacture and economic effiency.

We have the necessary know-how. From the idea to the finished product, wie will be there for you.

We work with state of the art communication equipmentaned CAD systems. Of course we also prepare data supplied by you for programming.

Perfect inventary management, quick assemply and order handling on schedule are a

matter of course for us. We offer short processing times.


Innovative Technique "Made by Knauf PFT"

With our modern production technology we manufacture the products you desire according to your specifications, as, for example, for the company WOLF Süßwaren GmbH (confectionery company) located in Altenschönbach (South Germany).
According to the ideas and frameworks of the company WOLF, PFT manufactured this control unit in its modern parts production. From the planning and development to the manufacturing the company WOLF was accompanied by qualified PFT staff.
We offer complete solutions from one hand which can also inspire you. We can do a lot for you! Do not hesitate to give us a call!

Our brochure “PERFECT PRODUCTION ENGINEERING” gives you a general idea of our performance


This division, comparable to a classic maschine shop, works with state-of-the-art methods. The basic ist the automatic bar steel magazine. With the aid of bar codes, all parts are stored, with drawn and supplied to band or circular sows.

Than the parts can easily und quickly undergo further processing steps, e.g. tube blending.


Our high-performance CNC nibbling centre with fully automatic sheet metal magazine ensures economicial cutting of series parts up to 8 mm in material thickness.

The large CNCpress brake bends sheets up to 12 mm in thickness in the desired angles.


To provide an optimal paint base, the steet parts are sandblasted, degreased, phosphated and dried. Fine powder paint is sprayed on and subsequently baked in the hot-air chamber at 180° C, to form a robust coat of stone enamel.

All RAL-colours can be realised.

All welding procedures are carried out by our certified welders. Minor certified for welding according to DIN 18 800 Part 7 ensured.

Each welding robot has two seperate workstations.



In our light and modern assembly shops, electric control cabinets are made in single-item and series prduction by highly skilled workers.


Mit unserer modernen Fertigungstechnologie stellen wir Ihr gewünschtes Produkt nach Ihren Anforderungen her:

  • Lochplatinen
  • Großschaltpulte
  • Schaltschränke
  • Maschinen-Verkleidungen
  • Gehäuse
  • Maschinenteile

aus den Materialien:

Aluminium, Stahl, Edelstahl, NE Metallen