Airless sprayers

Airless sprayers

versatile applicable machine technique particularly made to your customers specification.


Faster and cleaner paint application – no problem for the airless pump of the PFT SAMBA-family. Pasty materials such as paints, varnishes and even filler can be applied as precisely on the wall and ceiling.


  • Emulsions
  • Corrosion and rust protection
  • Sprayable fillers
  • Large area roof coating
  • Adhesives and facade paints
  • Silicate paints



  • SmartControl  system and digital display (uniform, less water-sensitive circuit board)
  • Especially for abrasive and viscous materials


PFT praktive TIP:

Filtering is your best protection against premature pump and gun wear, surface defects and clogging of the nozzle. The filters assure you the best material flow, and protect against annoying blockages.

What is decisive for your material is the mesh size:

  • Fine materials: Mesh size 200
  • Coarse materials: Mesh size 30

Tech. data

Part no. Description Details


Part no. Description Picture
Recommended accessories
Part no. Description Picture
Accessories / Equipment recommended for:
Spraying set for paints "standard", Réf. n° 00 10 34 78
Spraying set for paints "surface", Part no. 00 10 34 79
Spraying set for paints "minimum", Part no. 00 10 34 80