Conveying pumps

Conveying pumps

are suitable for the application of all pumpable lime- and cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars, wet materials, pasty materials and liquid media. In combination with an air compressor and a spray gun, they can also be used for the application of plasters and paints.

The powerful conveying pump with a batch mixer for traditional plastering, e.g. job site mortar.

Animation: Applicatioin video PFT ZP 3 L MULTIMIX

Brochure: Conveying pump PFT ZP 3 L MULTIMIX


The PFT ZP 3 L MULTIMIX is the best choice if you need to mix traditional mortar on the job site.

The intermediate mortar pump PFT MULTIMIX pumps plasters masonry mortars or floor screeds mixed by the integrated batch mixer directly to the point of application. The conveying capacity can be infinitely adjusted to the material requirements. Thanks to a remote control the PFT ZP 3 L MULTIMIX can be switched on-off and alternatively the conveying capacity is adjustable.

The machine is completely equipped for mortar applications, consisting of hoses, spraying gun and compressor.


For all mortars, such as:

  • job site mortar
  • masonry / light masonry mortars
  • reinforcing mortars
  • cement renders
  • loam renders, earth-moist
  • scratch coat
  • renovation mortars
  • concrete repair

... and many more


  • high conveying capacity and distance
  • integrated control unit
  • remote control
  • filled from integrated batch mixer PFT MULTIMX
  • oil sealing unit between gear box and material hopper
  • robust design
  • minimum effort for maintenance and cleaning
  • integrated lifting brackets and brackets for fork lift
  • bevelled material hopper, the material runs automatically to the pump, therefor hardly residual material

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