Horizontal continuous mixery

Horizontal continuous mixers

continuously and fully automatically mix cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars (e.g. masonry mortars, jointing mortars, levelling compounds, bonding / reinforcing mortars, etc.) into ready-to-use materials. Depending on the model design, these machines can be used either with bagged material only or with bagged and optionally silo material, or only with silo material.


The new PFT HM 106 L continuous mixer has been especially designed for use with containers



The PFT HM 106 L continuously and fully automatically mixes all lime/cement-based, ready-mixed dry mortars, such as:

  • Bonding and reinforcing mortars
  • Masonry mortars
  • Grouting mortars
  • Plastering mortars
  • Screed mortars
  • Levelling compounds
  • ... and many more



  • Very easy to transportThanks to its compact design, the PFT HM 106 L can remain flanged to the silo or container during transport.
  • Very small dimensions
    Dry zone and mixing zone form one unit, which makes the PFT HM 106 L a small, but powerful helper.
  • Optimum mixture
    The axial water inlet ensures a constant mortar consistency.
  • Visual water flow monitoring
    With a pressure gauge or, optionally, with a water flow meter.
  • Quick cleaning procedure
    The removable rubber mixing tube and the optionally rubber-coated mixing shaft largely prevent materials from adhering and thus facilitate the cleaning procedure.
  • Longevity
    The maintenance-free square bearing at the outlet flange contributes to a "long life" of the PFT HM 106 L.
  • Can be combined with the PFT machine system
    For mortar transport, we recommend the use of conveying pumps, e.g. PFT N 2 or PFT ZP 3.
  • Separate control unit
    The control unit can be transported separately and stored in a frost- and theft-proof place.
  • Very easy to install
    Thanks to the low weights of the modules, the machine can be mounted to every silo very easily.
  • Control of rotational direction
    Can never rotate in the wrong direction.
  • Very easy to maintain
    The powerful drive unit can be swung aside without the use of tools, e.g. to change the dosing shaft or quickly empty the dry zone.

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