Pneumatic conveying equipment

Pneumatic conveying equipment

fully automatically transport ready-mixed dry mortar from the silo / container to the mixing pump or mixer.


The PFT SILOMAT DF Q can be connected to any pressurized silo with a permissible working pressure of up to 2.0 bar overpressure. The machine works fully automatically. When the unit receives the "empty" signal from the level sensor, the squeeze valve opens up and allows the material to flow. When the "full" signal is received, the silo outlet is closed and the conveying line is blown empty. Available on castors, portable, or as trailer version.


A control air compressor is no longer needed. This makes the unit much lighter! A part that is not there can not break down. In other words: This saves you money!A shut pressure of 3 bar for the squeeze valve is available at all times, so there will always be enough power! The powerful and robust 8.1 kW compressor for conveying and control air has proved its worth about 20,000 times. This means permanent power and a long service life! The conveying block weighs only 19 kg, which accelerates and facilitates the assembly procedure. Standard phase sequence! This feature always ensures the correct direction of rotation of the compressor. Automatic switch-off! Helps to save energy and avoid unnecessary noise. The SILOMAT E-class The stationary, portable unit in the PFT conveying equipment range. Die SILOMAT C-KlasseOptimal mobility, even on difficult terrain - the 13" wheels make the difference!Hot-dip galvanized trailer frame Minimum sound emission, because serviceable even when hood is closedHood and trailer coupling lockableThe biggest advantage: load-free transport of the conveying pot thanks to large wheels

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Part no. Description Picture

Part no. Description Picture
20650501 Conveying hose first equipment RONDO air DN45 - 75 m
consisting of:
- 3 x 3-layer rubber hose DN45 - 25 m
- Hook fastener for hose Picture 20650500 Conveying hose first equipment PVC DN46 – 75 m
consisting of
- 3 x PVC hose DN46 – 25 m
- Hook fastener for hose Picture 20600213 Injection hood for G 4, RITMO XL, HM 24 Picture 00044334 Injection hood for G 5 Picture 20423900 Power cable 5 x 4 mm², 50 m, CEE cpl. 32 A Picture